Coffee-of-the-Month Subscription

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Coffee-of-the-Month Subscription

Someone you care about will receive twelve shipments of coffee, one pound at a time.

The first shipment will contain four quarter pounds of our fine coffees. With it we’ll include a list of our coffees and a questionnaire asking the gift recipient to indicate his or her coffee preferences and how often he or she would like to receive our coffee in the mail. (Some people prefer four quarter pounds each time, while others may want a single pound of their favorite blend. Some people like to receive a shipment once a month, while others prefer one every three weeks.)

The recipient may also choose to leave the decision to us. In which case, each month’s selection will be different. An Ahrre’s Coffee of the Month subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and it can be purchased for anyone living within the United States.

Full Year $ 245.00 Quantity:
Half Year $ 125.00 Quantity:
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Please remember – send us a note for your subscription recipient and comments during the checkout process on the billing information page in the spaces provided.