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Fair Trade Gifts

Fair Trade Gifts

At a time when it is getting more and more difficult to shop for people and find simple gifts that may be of interest to them, it is well worth considering a fair trade gift. As people are becoming more socially aware, and more concerned with global issues such as poverty, globalization, and climate change, it can often be very appropriate to buy something that will not only give pleasure, but simultaneously support everyone who had a hand in making it.

Fair trade products are getting easier and easier to find and are also broadening their range. This means that it is not only food products such as tea and coffee that are available, but also more “luxurious” items such as chocolate,gift baskets, and even clothing. You may also be surprised to learn that there are now professional fair trade gift stores operating, both online and in some cities, that specialize in finding these types of products – perfect gifts for your friends and families.

Fair Trade Clothing

Take for example, a fair trade clothes store. Not only will you find interesting and high quality clothes in such a store, but you will also find that the clothes are fashionable. People may think of new age hippies wearing groovy cotton clothing but the fact of the matter is that you will find very attractive and high quality fashions for both men and women at great prices.Did you know that top models in the fashion industry have quite a reputation for promoting third world causes and wearing clothes made in environmentally and economically fair ways?  The fact that the clothing is based on fairly traded ideas  is something to be proud of.

Fair Trade Chocolate

If you are considering fair trade chocolate as a gift, then you can expect be spoiled for choice. For instance, virtually every major retailer and grocer and in the UK and the US now stock some and the vast majority of these products are of a high quality and perfect for giving to someone as a special gift. Not only will you impress the recipient with your kind sentiment, but they may be equally impressed by your awareness of the issues that led to the need for these products. It also in turn will make them more aware if they atren’t already, of the need to make these types of products more the norm rather than the exception.

Fair Trade Tea

Even very simple food products like teas make great gifts. There was a time when good quality simple things were commonly used as gifts. This would include tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits and anything that he giver may have made themselves. With the growth of cheap food in supermarkets, this practice has been lost to a great extent and it is has been rarer for people to give everyday things like tea as gifts. However, they are thoughtful gifts and it is always nice to bring something that will be enjoyed together. It has the advantage of being a simple thing that you can enjoy together while at the same time being memorable.

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