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Fair Trade in 2006… and Beyond

Fair Trade in 2006… and Beyond

Some of the changes in the world trade have caused other changes to take place within the international trading of imports. In 2006, more people are becoming wary of trading with other countries, faced with the fear that the import they have purchased is going to support terrorism. It is very sad that in our economy, people cannot support each other in the trade market, but they become edgy with all of the terrorist attacks that have befallen several countries, including the United States.

International Fair Trade Issues

It would certainly appear that with the law that is in effect regulating different aspects of international trade that people would not be as fearful, but with all of the attacks that have occurred over the last decade, people have become less trustworthy of those in authority, and most assuredly, the government of all countries. As a result, some people are refusing to buy any foreign products or commodities, even those products that they know are produced in their own country. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is going to eventually take a toll on the trade market as a whole, creating the potential for many countries that depend on foreign trade to take a huge financial loss.

If this problem isn’t resolved soon, the future of international trade is going to be severely impacted, thus potentially having a negative impact on imports and exports all over the world. Perhaps the answer to this potential future problem is a new agreement that will ensure less likelihood of the products that are traded being used by a terrorist organization. Of course, fear of money going to finance terrorist activity is not the only problem that is now befalling the international retailers. With word reaching other countries that big names like Nike are contributing to child labor and slave labor is not helping to bridge the gap between the countries.

Deceptive Unfair Trade Practice

When patrons become aware of horrendous conditions that exist in the manufacturing of the products they buy, it can have a detrimental effect on potential trade. Buyers do want to buy products from a company who is known to condone child or slave labor. Even if a Fair Trade organization is involved, the buyers could be likely to believe that they hear on the news, and once this kind of information is revealed to the public, it damages the reputation of that company, true or not.

Fair Trade Coffee

One of the biggest markets involved in the Fair Trade laws are the coffee makers. In fact, one of the most well known of these is Starbucks who is known to serve coffee and chocolate that is not a Fair Trade product, meaning they are endorsing the commission of unfair trade practices within the coffee and cocoa industry. As a result, consumers are being asked to request the company to change these practices or face boycott of its products. Will this work? Perhaps if everyone sticks together and causes the profit margin to decrease, it might but it means that it must be a collective effort, a critical mass so to speak will need to be reached.

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