Farid’s Exotic

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Blended Coffees tend to de-emphasize the nuances and subtlties of any
particular coffee of origin and emphasize the commonalities of the coffees

Farid’s Exotic

This is Ahrre’s fullest-bodied, most complex blend. Farid’s Exotic Blend combines the rich nuttiness and complexity of Indonesian Arabicas with the snappy tang of Latin American Arabicas and a touch of fruitiness typical of East African Arabicas. Ultimately, the regional characteristics are de-emphasized and the commonalities of the coffees used are emphasized. The result is a robust and well balanced blend with a deep, resonant aroma. The flavor is hearty and well structured, yet elegantly refined.
This blend is named for Farid Sajid, a great source of inspiration, encouragement and support to Roastmaster Ahrre.

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