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I think of myself as a bit of a coffee afficionado, having circled the globe three times, carrying only a backpack, camera, and open ticket, and frequenting all manner of coffee houses along the way. For the past thirty years I’ve fed my coffee addiction in the best cafes of Europe and the wildest dives in Asia. I know a good cup! But I have to say that returning to the U.S. was disappointing when faced with big coffee conglomerates that serve tasteless, weak, and bitter brew that can only be tolerated with lots of half-and-half and sugar. I had discovered Ahrre’s Coffee Roastery way back when it lived in Summit, NJ. Returning after one of my trips I found it gone, and after a concerted search discovered it six miles away in Westfield, NJ. Oila! What luck! I don’t know what this man does, but his is the only coffee around that has rich, hearty flavor, is not bitter, and really tastes fresh. And when I stop in for my monthly pound, I enjoy a kind of espresso that is reminiscent of the best of Italy and France. It lasts all day and into the night.
Thank you, Ahrre Maros, for taking such good care of my addiction!

– Meg Noble Peterson

Meg Noble Peterson is the author of “Madam, Have You Ever Really Been Happy? An Intimate Journey Through Africa and Asia.”