"Take the Sherpa Led Adventure! You'll be glad you did."—Roastmaster Ahrre

The Sherpa Led Adventure is a fully curated trek through the world of coffee in seven installments. You'll get three pounds of coffee with each shipment along with a short description and an informative explanation of the relevance of the coffee received. You'll be billed as you go, cancel at any time and the subscription will automatically terminate after the latest installment ships. But of course, if you do, you'll miss out on the one of the most flavorful and rare coffees in the world, so why would you want to? **Just watch the 3-minute video above. It explains everything!**


Please make sure and write in the order notes which grind you prefer:

  • Whole Bean
  • Auto Drip
  • Manual Drip
  • Espresso
  • French Press
  • Perk


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